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Therapeutic Approach

Damage to the brain or spinal cord cause a massive, often life-long drop in the quality of life and render affected people dependent on costly aid by the society. The concept of neurite growth inhibitors as key reason for the low repair capacity and lacking regeneration in the central nervous system (i.e. brain and spinal cord) as well as the key inhibitory factor Nogo-A were discovered by the company’s co-founder and President, Martin E. Schwab. Using specifically targeted antibodies blocking the function of Nogo-A, his team obtained compelling evidence for large recovery of neurological function in preclinical models of cerebral stroke and spinal cord injury – results that overthrew the dogma in medicine that injuries of the brain and spinal cord will not heal and cannot be repaired. A large number of preclinical animal studies by several independent laboratories over the course of the last more than 15 years have extensively validated the unique potential of the anti-Nogo-A therapeutic approach.

Selected Publications
Schwab (2010) Functions of Nogo proteins and their receptors in the nervous system. Nat Rev Neurosci 11:799-811.

Schwab & Strittmatter (2014) Nogo limits neural plasticity and recovery from injury. Curr Opin Neurobiol 27:53-60.

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